Bay Arab

Posted on April 26, 2012 in Equine, Traditional Art | 1 comment

Bay Arab

This is one for me! Coloured pencil on recycled organic cotton paper. The beautiful paper was a gift, it’s so lovely but unfortunately very tricky to draw on! Little micro-layers of it kept peeling off when I tried to use my eraser or if my pencil was too sharp, so it was a learning curve!


Overall though this was a lot of fun. Usually when I do non-commission artwork, it’s a horse, and it lies unfinished forever. I did get to experiment with this and test my motivation in producing portfolio artwork to sell as originals or prints. Due to the paper, this wouldn’t make a great print, but I might sell it as an original piece later – if you’re interested, you need only ask!

The reference used for the image is here







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  1. Will this be coming available in limited edition for buying?