Crow – Commission

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Crow – Commission

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I was recently commissioned for a graphite crow, with spread wings, in A3. I think the final result was pretty striking; I have to credit the commissioner for asking for an image that was ‘as dark as possible’ which I always had at the back of my mind as I was working on it. It’s a strange tendency we have when something is dark to draw it so much lighter, as if in trying to understand the shape we end up going in the opposite direction from the source and stop seeing the dark parts.

I bought some new Palomino Blackwing pencils for this project (seemed appropriate, also I can’t be trusted in art shops) and they did a beautiful job; dark and smooth. I tend to use mechanical pencils for my detailed graphite style, but I think using traditional pencils again encouraged me to work a little more loosely with the lines and shading. It’s also the case that whilst for furry animals, mechanical pencils are great for getting all that hairy detail, feathers are a bit smoother.

My favourite bit is the fluffy tail feathers, if you’re wondering. Also I learned that crows have surprisingly long legs. He looks a bit like he’s wearing a rather delightful pair of knickerbockers.

Crow with spread wings

And a progress shot for you, with my pencil and very trusty eraser (one of three to be honest, I don’t trust any of my erasers that much)

the crow work in progress, with pencil and eraser


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