Cute Little Sloth

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Cute Little Sloth

Drawn at a very sloth-y pace in about 30 hours over many many months between projects! In watercolour pencil (Derwent Inktense as usual), white gel pen and gouache on A3 handmade natural paper.

I do identify with sloths… I really enjoy sleep. I did once see a real live sloth in the Amazon when we travelled around Peru, there’s not much to see but the moss in their fur at a distance so it’s not much to brag about.

I’d say the three-toed sloth is marginally cuter than the two-toed but I open the debate to the floor.


A cute sloth hanging from a branch


Referenced from a photo on one of those terrible wallpaper sites so if you do recognise the original photo do let me know so I can provide credit appropriately!