Gecko on the Rocks

Posted on September 24, 2012 in Pencil Commisions, Traditional Art | 1 comment

Gecko on the Rocks

This is a finalised commission for Kim and Pete of a kaikoura gecko on river stones. This is an A3 mixed media piece, with watercolour wash, watercolour pencil, coloured pencil, and a little bit of white acrylic thrown in too!

There’s a certain amount of therapy to be found in just texturing such large areas like a rock. Some of the stone veins were drawn in clear wax crayon which held up nicely against the watercolour pencil as well as the watercolour wash base. The watercolour pencils were Derwent Inktense pencils – My sister generously gave me a set of 72(!?) for my birthday and whilst they will take a while to seem familiar, I have certainly become acquainted with a good proportion of them now! They are very lovely with great strong colour, I admit. Also I found that for small areas of very deep colour, wiping a slightly damp brush directly onto the pencil lead and then painting with it worked really well for fine crisp detail.

I hope this one fits in nicely in it’s new home! And it’s on to the next one now…

Gecko on rocks commission

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  1. I bet the loved this. It must have taken hours to get such detail into those rocks. It could almost be a photograph.