Sleeping Tabby Cat Pet Portrait

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Sleeping Tabby Cat Pet Portrait

My latest commission was in A4 graphite, of an adorable snoozing tabby. I have a massive soft spot for tabbies, we had a huge bruiser of a tabby cat called Paddy who looked so similar, though woe betide you if you woke him up during his nap.

I’ve taken a few in-progess shots for this one; I ususally work from sketch which is either directly onto tracing paper or traced onto it, then I transfer this to the final paper (in this case, Bristol Board) with tracedown graphite sheets. Once the clean outline is on the board, I work from the furthest left feature, and then up and right from there so I don’t smudge any completed artwork! I use a selection of mechanical pencils for my detailed work, 0.35 and 0.5mm, with, H, B and HB leads. I also use a mechanical eraser, which is invaluable! I keep dropping it though, might need a new one soon…

Anyway, enjoy!

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tabby cat pet portrait in progress