We were struggling for ideas for wedding favours and then I saw what Helen had been doing recently with small clay sculptures. The idea came to me that we could create a Chinese zodiac animal for every guest, an exciting moment for us. Helen discussed ideas with us with great passion and she produced an amazing set of individualistic animals with a lot of playful variety. 48 in total, including a full set of 12 for us that was well loved by everyone and a great talking point for all of our guests as they actually ended up as part of the table decor. Thanks Helen, our wedding wouldn’t have been as great a success without all the hard work you put in.

Matt Loy London, UK

I never thought for one moment that Helen would be able to capture Charlie so wonderfully.  He does not look like any Bull Mastiff he looks like OUR Bull Mastiff. She has done so well that I had to send a message to the website to thank her again, I recommend her heartily.

Terri Smith & Family London, UK
Kelly Leslie

We are thrilled with our portrait of Otis, the quality is above and beyond what we were hoping for and far outshines any photographs we have of our pet, a complete professional service from start to finish and something that will stay with us for years to come, thanks again Helen.

Kelly Leslie Cork, Ireland
Kim Nicolson
Helen’s depiction of both our cat and dog captures their personalities perfectly in a way that no photograph could. When I look at their portraits it’s as though they are jumping off the page!

The drawings of Melon and Topaz encapsulate the very essence of their characters.

Kim Nicolson Queenstown, NZ
Zoe Axford
The portrait of my German Shepherd, Deirdre, was given to me as a surprise present not long before she was sadly put to sleep.  I will always treasure it, as she now watches me from the wall the way she always watched me from under the table.  Thank you so much, Helen, for preserving her for me.

Zoe Axford Somerset, UK
Sue Matthews
I was unaware about Helen’s particular talent until I began to talk to a colleague about wanting a special present  for someone who loved original pieces of art. I was at the time rapturous about  the recent addition to my family of my “step dog” and a young pup looking more like a puffball than a canine. Both dogs were much loved by all and presented unique characters which photo’s captured well but tended to be very disposable. I was advised I needed to talk to Helen who would be the answer to my prayers. So she proved to be , a talented artist specialising in pet portraits. I commissioned 2 small pencil sketches of both dogs. The results were  stunningly beautiful, intricate drawings which captured the very essence of both lovable rogues.

I cannot recommend Helen enough for her beautifully thoughtful representations. The presents were a resounding success and I would commend Helen to anyone  wanting to get a long term customised representation of their beloved animal.

Sue Matthews London, UK
Kit & Dick Titmus
A beautiful picture of our little Pomeranian dog. This drawing  gives an almost 3D aspect that is so effective. Better than any photo.


Kit & Dick Titmus Sidmouth, UK