The White Raven – ebook cover

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The White Raven – ebook cover

This very atmospheric illustration was a commission for Carrie D. Miller – author of The White Raven coming April 2017.

I’m usually known for my photorealistic animal commissions but I love a good bit of fantasy (to my long-time DeviantArt followers who remember a constant deluge of moody pegasuseseseses? pegusi??? for a while, this commission might look familiar) and digital art is a great way to let the experiments really fly without being afraid of ruining everything forever. I think I could feel some real influences from my watercolour and graphite work recently in creating this commission, in the background pastel-smokiness and in the texture of the raven’s feathers, which I approached as if I had a pencil regardless. Carrie also gave some amazing references which really helped to realise her vision, and I can’t wait to read the finished book!

For this commission I used Photoshop CS6 and a Wacom Intuos tablet. My primary brush is the soft round brush with pen pressure which I use almost exclusively, though I also used a charcoal textured brush at low opacity to add to the smoky background. My oversize A3 Intuos has unfortunately bitten the dust after a good 10 years, fortunately my new smaller A4 size tablet is so much smoother that it makes up for the smaller size.

You can keep up with Carrie’s work on her twitter and also her website!

the white raven book cover